Information for owners on the level of overnight care provided by EVC


At EVC, we strongly feel that for most eye patients, it is in their best interest to spend as little time as possible hospitalised as the latter can increase stress levels and have a negative impact on the clinical progress. We are able to provide 24 hour care at the hospital, if it is better for you and your pet. We have veterinary surgeons (interns) that stay in the clinic overnight if your pet needs to stay with us. 

If your pet stays overnight the intern will check your pet at regular intervals (their frequency depending upon the eye condition) and administer treatment and ensure that the patient is clean and comfortable. A fee will be levied for this enhanced service and agreed upon prior to admission.

The arrangement of overnight hospitalisation level will be discussed in detail with you prior to admission of the patient.  On admission to the hospital, a consent form must be signed by an adult over the age of 18 years which must include appropriate contact telephone numbers in case of an emergency. If any surgical procedure, that has not been agreed upon prior to admission is to be carried out whilst the patient is hospitalised overnight, the client will be informed by the overnight member of staff. In case contact cannot be made, we will only perform emergency procedures that are necessary to manage life or vision threatening conditions or to manage the patient’s pain.

Any special requirement i.e. food, bedding and medications should be handed over to a member of staff & instructed on usual times of feeding & medicating. All in-patients are allocated a comfortable and clean kennel for length of their stay. Cats are hospitalised in separate cat ward.  

You will be contacted by a member of staff the following morning to let you know how your pet is doing & to arrange collection if the patient is ready to go home!