We are seeing cases on a more normal basis however, we are still split into two teams in order to keep the people on site to a minimum each day. We are still not allowing clients into the building which means that we will conduct part of the consultation over the phone and then bring your pet into the building to be examined. This is to protect you and our staff as it is impossible to remain socially distant while conducting a thorough eye examination. All of this takes longer so we are fitting in less appointments in a day. When the consultation is over we will ask you to pay over the phone using a credit card. 


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

As per the travel restrictions put in place by the UK government last night travel is restricted for all but a small number of reasons. At the moment it does seem possible for owners to travel to see a vet in case of urgent need. In order to help you make that decision we are happy to talk to you or your vet by telephone to establish the urgency of your pet's condition.

Repeat prescriptions

As always we need to make some form of clinical assessment of your pet's condition before we dispense medication or issue a prescription, this may be conducted over the telephone or internet for some long standing cases. In the initial stages of this travel restriction it may help to relieve workload for pharmacies if you have the medication posted from us, but that choice is yours. 

Please be assured we are working constantly to provide our service while protected you and our staff to the best of our ability but it may take longer than usual to answer your queries and issue prescriptions. Please bear with us.

All at the Eye Vet Clinic