We are seeing cases on a more normal basis however, we are still split into two teams in order to keep the people on site to a minimum each day. We are still not allowing clients into the building which means that we will conduct part of the consultation over the phone and then bring your pet into the building to be examined. This is to protect you and our staff as it is impossible to remain socially distant while conducting a thorough eye examination. All of this takes longer so we are fitting in less appointments in a day. When the consultation is over we will ask you to pay over the phone using a credit card. 

Newport/Langstone Outclinic

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

We are sad to announce that unfortunately we are no longer able to hold an outclinic at Alphavets in Langstone.  All of our Newport patients, can continue to See John either here at Leominster or in Cardiff, or Rachael in Bridgend.