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Charges and Financial Arrangements

From 1st January 2024.  These charges and arrangements are subject to review without notice.

Consultations (Small animal)

Initial consultation




Initial consultation out of hours*


Re-examination out of hours*


Out of hours surgical fee in addition to usual routine charges


All prices inc. VAT

Consultations (Equine)

Initial consultation




Initial Consultation out of hours*


Re-examination out of hours*


All prices inc. VAT

The above equine fees does not include any sedation charges

*Out of hours examinations include an additional fee for the attendance of a veterinary nurse.


Approximate costs for common surgical procedures (a detailed estimate will be provided before surgery)

Cataract surgery (unilateral) Read More

Cataract surgery (bilateral) Read More

Entropion correction (1 Lid) from


Indolent ulcer treatment


Cherry eye


Corneal grafting From


Dislocated lens surgery


Parotid duct transposition




Eyelid tumour removal




Lens Couching under sedation


All prices inc. VAT

Based on a 10kg dog.  All prices are for one eye (unilateral) unless otherwise stated, and are excluding any consultation fees. You will always be given a detailed estimate at the time that your pet is admitted for surgery.

Any out of hours surgery (after 5.30pm during the week and all time during weekend) will also incur an additional fee as detailed above.


Insurance Claim administration fee per form


Direct Claim administration fee per form


All prices inc. VAT

We no longer make a charge for processing a policy claim. We do charge for processing a direct claim which is payable before any pre-authorisation is carried out. We do not make direct claims for consultations or out of normal working hours.

We ask that all accounts are settled by the client at the time of the consultation or procedure.  We will process your claim form as quickly as possible.  In exceptional circumstances we will submit direct claims to insurance companies for surgery invoices only but not for drugs or consultations.  Any such direct claim must be authorised by our staff in advance.  Clients should be aware that any excesses payable remain their liability. See insurance tab for further information.


Prescription Fee 1 item


Prescription Fee 2 items


Prescription Fee 3 items


All prices inc. VAT