How our satellite clinic system works

To try and reduce the need to travel for clients and patients, we offer satellite clinics run by our specialists at associated ‘host’ clinics. One such satellite clinic can save 500-1000 client car miles which means they do not only take the stress off our patients, but that they are also ecologically helpful. Click here to see our current satellite clinic locations and to check if one of those would be suitable for you.

We can carry out both initial assessments and follow-up examinations at satellite clinics and our ophthalmologist will discuss your pet’s diagnosis or progress with you just as if you had been seen at our hospital. However, diagnostic procedures such as eye ultrasound, retinal testing or operations will only be carried out at our Leominster hospital where we have all the specialist nursing support and surgical facilities required. Please do also note that BVA/KC/ISDS eye tests are only carried out in Leominster.


All appointments for satellite clinics are made by our Leominster reception team – please call 01568 616616 to do so.