Vision is Our Mission



Veterinary medicine is becoming increasingly complex and across the UK, veterinary practitioners work closely with veterinary  specialists to provide the best possible care for your pet’s complex medical needs. As our part in this, we have made your pet’s vision our mission.

We provide our specialist eye care 24/7/365 and promise that you will always have access to a veterinary ophthalmologist once you have been referred to us. We also are always available to help your own veterinary surgeon to see if referral of a patient is required and to provide help for first aid and treatment in practice. As a training practice for veterinary ophthalmologists, we constantly review and publish our results to ensure that our treatments are evidence-based and state-of-the-art.

Teamwork is integral to achieve our mission. Our team is vibrant and made up of committed individuals striving to give the best possible service to you, your pet and our referring veterinary surgeons. In this, we hope to be guided by empathy, knowledge, efficacy and passion. Our aim is that once you have arrived with us, you know your pet’s eye treatment is in safe hands.




What sets us apart?

  • We are independent: Eye Veterinary Clinic is owned by three veterinary specialists who are key members of the team
  • We are solely dedicated to the care of eye conditions: Every member of our team is highly skilled in their area of expertise around your pet’s eyes
  • Purpose built facilities: Our hospital is specifically designed for the treatment of eye conditions, ensuring the optimal environment for your pet’s treatment
  • 24/7 Eye Hospital we offer the same level of expertise out of hours as in hours
  • Relaxing grounds: You can walk your dog in our orchard or relax sitting on one of the many seating areas around our pond