EVC Sustainability


Sustainability and looking after the environment are close to our hearts at EVC. We are lucky enough to be situated in beautiful grounds with fruit trees and natural water features that we carefully maintain.

One of the key things we do is to offer satellite clinics across South Wales and the West Midlands, saving 1000’s of miles of journeys for our clients on a weekly basis. We have also set up an internal team focussing on improving sustainability across the practice.





Sustainable and Practical

  • We have a team of staff working on our sustainability 
  • Eco-friendly LED lighting is used throughout the clinic where possible
  • Satellite clinics – saving between 500 and 1000 car miles per day by sending one specialist rather than making 10 clients travel
  • We occupy a large and diverse site with traditional mixed bunding hedging, a traditional orchard, wildlife pond and we do not use any pesticides in its maintenance
  • We have an eco-reed bed system to promote wildlife