What we do

Most of our patients are referred by their veterinary surgeon for the diagnosis and treatment of a complex eye problem that would be hard to manage in general practice. However, if you yourself would like to explore the option of a referral you can of course discuss this with your veterinary surgeon.

Your pet will be seen by one of our specialists after we have received and studied the history that your veterinary surgeon has sent or after we have discussed your pet’s case with your veterinary surgeon by phone. Following an in-depth examination, we will give you a diagnosis wherever possible and discuss and tailor a suitable treatment plan for your pet’s condition. This might involve an operation at our hospital or out-patient treatment with re-examinations at one of our locations. Each time we see your pet, you will receive a detailed treatment handout and your vet will receive a full report – usually the same day.




Rachael Grundon EVC Leominster at work

What sets us apart?

  • We are independent: Eye Veterinary Clinic is owned by three veterinary specialists who are key members of the team
  • We are solely dedicated to the care of eye conditions: Every member of our team is highly skilled in their area of expertise around your pet’s eyes
  • Purpose built facilities: Our hospital is specifically designed for the treatment of eye conditions, ensuring the optimal environment for your pet’s treatment
  • 24/7 Eye Hospital: We offer the same level of expertise out of hours as in hours
  • Relaxing grounds: You can walk your dog in our orchard or relax sitting on one of the many seating areas around our pond