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Last Updated: November 9, 2022

Our new website is here! Full of lots of information on our clinic, our satellite clinics and our team.

We have also increased the number of information sheets and much more. We hope you like it…

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Latest News

20 September 2023

John Mould Retirement

John has now retired from clinical work to enjoy more time with his family at home. We are very glad that John is still givi...

Rachael Grundon EVC Leominster at work

3 March 2023

Ophthalmology Visit to Rainforest Exotics

Another fantastic outing for our ophthalmologists to Rainforest Exotics

3 March 2023

Research Visit to Vale Wildlife Hospital

A recent visit for our ophthalmologists to Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre. Eye examinations were carried ou...